Uma Maheshwar Temple is one of the most important temple in Kirtipur town. The three storied Hindu temple is located at an altitude of 1414m from sea level. The temple offers a nice overlooking view to Kathmandu with Mountain backdrop. This Pagoda style temple was built in 1655AD by Rautra Vishwanath Babu, son of king Siddhi Narsing Malla. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1832 and renovated in 1933.
The main entrance of the temple is built by stone gate. As other temple in the valley, it as a stone statue of elephant to all four direction. Uma is a another name of GOD mother Parvati and Maheshwor is an another name of GOD father Shiva.
The wooden doors, pillars, and beams are crafted with artistic figures of different gods and goddess such as Astamatrika and Asta Bhairav. Similarly, erotic figures are also carved in wooden beams. According to archeologists, these figures on beams have tantric values.
The bell on the northern side of temple was cast in 1895 by Gillett & Johnston Founders, Corydon. It was one of the four quarter bells of Ghantaghar of the central Kathmandu and was reallocated to this temple after the Ghantaghar was destroyed by the earthquake in 1933.
Visitors walk up a steep stone staircase, flanked by elephant sculptures, and can peer up at the Kama Sutra carvings on the temple beams. It will take 45m from Green Eco Resort by walking and just 15m by car or taxi. The temple can be seen from our hotel as well as.